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An Amazingly Productive Week in Room D4!

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Coming off a four-day week, students in Room D4 took full advantage of our five-day week. We covered A LOT of material including some really challenging work in math where students were required to apply the standard algorithm for addition and subtraction to multi-step problems. For example, children answered questions like the one below:

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.01.55 PM

This is not easy stuff and yet students are persisting and demonstrating that they can apply what they know.

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We set the stage for our work with geology by using an apple to model the Earth’s layers. We also integrated a bit of math by having students measure the apple’s layers in millimeters and centimeters. Geology will be a major focus for both literacy and science in the coming weeks.

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And, yes of course, we wrote, worked with complex text and completed some Word Study.




25 Days of Instruction

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We finished our 25th day of school and we can point to a number of successes. Students continue to work with the Open Up the Textbooks (OUT) developed by Nevada educators to ensure that children are working with complex reading materials and the Nevada Academic Content Standards. Currently, we are reading Spirit Cave Mummy about the discovery in Fallon and I would encourage you to look over what your child is reading. This is not easy content and they are doing a masterful job with it! You can download the OUT here.




We spent the first 20 days of school focusing on place value. This work has allowed us to move to addition and subtraction using the standard algorithm. Soon we will move onto measurement and all of these mathematical experiences will ensure greater success for all of the students.

Naturally we continue to do a lot of student choice reading—some students even doing it on our visit to Marvin Picollo—and of course, we like to have fun!

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Welcome to Room D4

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If you chance upon this site before August 1st, please take some time to look around and review the menu items. This website will serve as a portal for my students and parents as well as a place for other classroom teachers to find good ideas. If you are using something that you think would help my community and me, please consider sharing and I’ll make sure to post.

This site will also serve as my classroom blog so others can see the great things my 4th graders will be doing this academic year. I will keep observers current on how students are working with the Nevada Academic Content Standards; with their emphasis on complex text, evidence based responses, rich content, Nevada history, careful observations in art, inquiry and project based science experiences, and 21st Century learning skills.

Many of the resources we will use are already posted at and as new resources are developed, they will migrate to this site.

I am enormously excited about the return to the classroom and I look forward to August 10th—the first day of school!