Aaron Grossman

Flexible Seating

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It continues to blow me away what the students in Room D4 are capable of. On Monday we eliminated assigned seating and replaced it with flexible seating. The students have been terrific with this move and have proven to be extremely mature with this much autonomy.

At the beginning of the day, students find a place that they think is best for their learning. Some stay at desks, others move to the floor, and some to the tables I’ve lowered to sitting level. When we transition from subject to subject, students are also welcome move to a different area of the room.

Creating Our Mother’s Day Gifts

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Happy Mother’s Day!!

I had to avoid posting any of these pictures before today–Mother’s Day. The project started two weeks ago and was led by the district’s ELA Program Coordinator Kelly Rotter. The kids were great and Kelly came a second time to ensure the process was appropriately completed.

Day 1


Day 2