A Review of Week 1

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What a great first week of instruction. Week one of school was really about establishing routines and procedures and getting to know each other. We built graphs around student interests and commonalities, students were met with their Confidence Buddies (a strategy to promote Social Emotional Learning), and all students signed our classroom pledge: Be Nice, Work Hard. That said, we got into some content with our first work with place value, math “sprints,” word study, and text-dependent questions. Students learned about text features and the difference between primary and secondary sources.

Students got their job assignments and learned how to earn bonus cash by volunteering to help and completing “Affirmation Rings.” What a terrific group of students.

Dr. Amy Salgo helping with our first Number Talks
IMG_7711Students finding examples of primary and secondary sources from our Nevada social studies book.


Word Study–a closed sort.IMG_7759

Op Art Lesson

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Today we began our Op Art project. We started by learning about artists M.C. Escher and Bridget Riley, looked out how lines and shading can create “illusions,” and did some word work with the word, optical. Students then learned how they could create their own “Op Art” with time to support and teach each other through the process.

Parents, if you would like to download the PowerPoint and have your child describe some of the illusions in the slides, you can do so by clicking here.


Just Five Nights Left

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School starts August 10th. Yes, I like a clean classroom but those walls, absent student work—your work—is just sad. Can’t wait to do some art the first week of school and create math posters describing our Number Talks. That should make things look a lot better!Classroom July 2015

Look at the Math Items Donated to our Classroom!!!

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My good friend, Dr. Amy Salgo, generously donated a number of math items to our classroom. Amy is the Director of Mathematics Materials Review for www.edreports.org and a former Washoe County School District teacher. Amy will be visiting the classroom from time-to-time to help with our math discussions and the Nevada Academic Content Standards. Thank you Amy!!!photo-34

Parent Packet Items and a Couple of Notes on Supplies

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Linked below are the items in the Parent Packet that I shared via postal mail. In addition, items like this will be posted in the Parent Tab under Communication. This will allow you to find the things I am sending home in case you need additional copies or something is lost.

With respect to the supply list: Please do not overthink trying to find a perfect match to something on the list. All stores are different and if you cannot find an item, skip it. Likewise, if cost is a concern, do not worry about bringing in supplies. I will make sure that the students have everything they need.

Finally, I spotted three typos after I mailed everything—Ugh! Tell your child, however, that if they can find them, I’ll offer a cash bonus! I found one in the parent letter and two on the supply list. Maybe there are more?

Parent Letter: Introductions

Grossman Supply List

Permission Note

How to Follow this Blog

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School begins August 10th and I am quite excited to meet my students and their families. In the coming days I’ll be posting the first pictures of the classroom as well as all the items that are included in the parent packet.

Families if you want to subscribe to the blog, click on the follow icon in the bottom right hand corner of this email. (See image below.) By subscribing, you will receive an email every time new content is added to the blog. It is an easy way to get a glimpse of your child’s learning.

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Welcome to Room D4

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If you chance upon this site before August 1st, please take some time to look around and review the menu items. This website will serve as a portal for my students and parents as well as a place for other classroom teachers to find good ideas. If you are using something that you think would help my community and me, please consider sharing and I’ll make sure to post.

This site will also serve as my classroom blog so others can see the great things my 4th graders will be doing this academic year. I will keep observers current on how students are working with the Nevada Academic Content Standards; with their emphasis on complex text, evidence based responses, rich content, Nevada history, careful observations in art, inquiry and project based science experiences, and 21st Century learning skills.

Many of the resources we will use are already posted at www.63000resources.com and as new resources are developed, they will migrate to this site.

I am enormously excited about the return to the classroom and I look forward to August 10th—the first day of school!