Room D4 Screencasts

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We spent the last two days learning to use screencasting software and creating our own presentations. The students were quick to discover how to use the application and some had a lot of fun with their material. Below are the links to the screencasts. Enjoy watching!!

How to battle in Prodigy by 11 (here)

How to create your first Buncee by 9 and 15 (here)

Learn more about RoomD4 by 22 and 23 (here)

Tips on navigating Prodigy by 3 and 14(here)

Zearn—Using for the first time by 1 and 18 (here)

Using Prodigy Game by 17 and 24 (here)

Who is Mr. Grossman by 5 and 21 (here)

Playing Prodigy and seeing the Hex by 16 and 20 (here)

Starting a game on Prodigy by 4 (here)

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