25 Days of Instruction

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We finished our 25th day of school and we can point to a number of successes. Students continue to work with the Open Up the Textbooks (OUT) developed by Nevada educators to ensure that children are working with complex reading materials and the Nevada Academic Content Standards. Currently, we are reading Spirit Cave Mummy about the discovery in Fallon and I would encourage you to look over what your child is reading. This is not easy content and they are doing a masterful job with it! You can download the OUT here.




We spent the first 20 days of school focusing on place value. This work has allowed us to move to addition and subtraction using the standard algorithm. Soon we will move onto measurement and all of these mathematical experiences will ensure greater success for all of the students.

Naturally we continue to do a lot of student choice reading—some students even doing it on our visit to Marvin Picollo—and of course, we like to have fun!

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.29.16 PM

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