A Visit from the Superintendent and More

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On Tuesday the Superintendent of Schools, Traci Davis, visited the classroom and got to see the students involved in Word Study. It was an unplanned visit—or at least I did not know about it—and it was great to see the kids engage Ms. Davis and be able to outline classroom goals and procedures without any advanced preparation on my part.

We finished our first OUT and students are currently working on their culminating assignment, which involves writing a poem—a poem with a lot of evidence from some really complex text. When they are done, I’ll be posting in our hallway and I encourage you to take a look. Based on the drafts I’ve seen, the work is outstanding and it demonstrates the amazing aptitude of your children.

Putting together our “fact” triangles. IMG_7909 Gathering evidence from our OUT to complete our poems. IMG_7905 Learning research skills in our library.IMG_7893 The Jog-A-Thon AssemblyIMG_7892 Measure of Academic Progress Testing. IMG_7887

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