A Review of Week 3—Exploring an OUT

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Students worked with some pretty rigorous outcomes this week including their first exposure to an OUT—Outside the Textbook. An OUT seeks to complicated, enlarge, vivify, and/or contest something students have read in a traditional textbook. Moreover, an OUT borrows from strategies you typically see in high school Advanced Placement (AP) classes where students are citing evidence from multiple sources. You can read the OUT we used by clicking here.

We continued our work with place value and students are now rounding numbers through the hundred thousands. To help with this, we are using number lines like the example you will see in the picture below.

We made our first trip to Marvin Picollo and will likely return six more times this year. The focus of the first trip was to get a tour of the building and to start thinking of the students who attend as “people first.” That is, letting the personality define the person rather than the disability.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 3.17.01 PM

IMG_7870 IMG_7888

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