Parent Packet Items and a Couple of Notes on Supplies

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Linked below are the items in the Parent Packet that I shared via postal mail. In addition, items like this will be posted in the Parent Tab under Communication. This will allow you to find the things I am sending home in case you need additional copies or something is lost.

With respect to the supply list: Please do not overthink trying to find a perfect match to something on the list. All stores are different and if you cannot find an item, skip it. Likewise, if cost is a concern, do not worry about bringing in supplies. I will make sure that the students have everything they need.

Finally, I spotted three typos after I mailed everything—Ugh! Tell your child, however, that if they can find them, I’ll offer a cash bonus! I found one in the parent letter and two on the supply list. Maybe there are more?

Parent Letter: Introductions

Grossman Supply List

Permission Note

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