The End Marks a New Beginning

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Thank you Room D4 families for a terrific year at Huffaker. I cannot express how appreciative I am to have worked with you this academic year.

Although this effort has ended, you can continue to see what I am up to at


Students Cash Out at Auction

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The last auction of the school year meant students got to take home a lot of stuff! We had a number of businesses help with this effort, most not even located in Reno, and having the items to assist with the economy proved extremely helpful.


Room D4 Screencasts

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We spent the last two days learning to use screencasting software and creating our own presentations. The students were quick to discover how to use the application and some had a lot of fun with their material. Below are the links to the screencasts. Enjoy watching!!

How to battle in Prodigy by 11 (here)

How to create your first Buncee by 9 and 15 (here)

Learn more about RoomD4 by 22 and 23 (here)

Tips on navigating Prodigy by 3 and 14(here)

Zearn—Using for the first time by 1 and 18 (here)

Using Prodigy Game by 17 and 24 (here)

Who is Mr. Grossman by 5 and 21 (here)

Playing Prodigy and seeing the Hex by 16 and 20 (here)

Starting a game on Prodigy by 4 (here)

Field Day 2016

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What a fun afternoon and a reminder of how lucky I am to have worked with these fabulous kids for an entire school year.

Work with Cantilevers

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Today Brian Crosby, from the state’s Regional Professional Development Project, visited to facilitate work around cantilevers. Despite many structural challenges, students persisted and were able to make increasingly long bridge constructions… some of these extended over 100 centimeters!

Potential and Kinetic Energy

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Today we started our work with potential and kinetic energy. We will continue this exploration through the end of the year. The vehicle we are using to get us there (pun intended :)) is the Hot Wheel.

Hot Wheels generously donated all the necessary resources to help with our study. We will do a number of experiments in which we manipulate different variables to make predictions and answer our own questions. We will take our experiments and represent new understandings by collecting data and creating charts. Based on what we did today, it is clear we will also have a lot of fun!


Flexible Seating

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It continues to blow me away what the students in Room D4 are capable of. On Monday we eliminated assigned seating and replaced it with flexible seating. The students have been terrific with this move and have proven to be extremely mature with this much autonomy.

At the beginning of the day, students find a place that they think is best for their learning. Some stay at desks, others move to the floor, and some to the tables I’ve lowered to sitting level. When we transition from subject to subject, students are also welcome move to a different area of the room.